Accelerating Market Access

For BC’s legendary micro-cultivators, processors, and independent retailers.

For decades, BC has been home to thousands of world-renowned craft farmers known for cultivating high-quality, small-batch cannabis. Unfortunately, over-regulation has prevented BC’s innovative craft cannabis sector from achieving its full potential, keeping tens of thousands of these highly skilled Canadians out of the market they created.

About the Co-op

Recognizing that small-scale farmers and processors are vital to the success of Canada’s cannabis industry, we’ve developed a path forward for our members through shared resources and open access to our network of independent retailers, service providers and industry experts from across British Columbia. Together, we reduce costs, support success, and cultivate change in the legal marketplace.

EXPLORE THE 2024 BC Cannabis Summit

An opportunity for job creation and economic growth.

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Member Benefits

The Co-op gives members access to a range of shared resources and exclusive discounts to help their businesses and careers grow. We work together to cultivate positive change for British Columbia’s world-renowned cannabis industry through federal and provincial advocacy, networking and events, community partnerships, price negotiation and shared purchasing power.

Together, we can go far.

Shared Purchasing & Exclusive Discounts

Federal & Provincial Advocacy

Networking & Events

2023 BC Cannabis Summit

An opportunity for job creation and economic growth. We celebrated BC’s craft cannabis sector in Kelowna on April 21-23.


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Consumers can join the positive movement, too. Help us get BC’s legendary craft cannabis farmers included in the legal market and their fresh, local products on the shelves at your favourite independent retail store. Join the club.