Recognizing that small cannabis farmers and processors are vital to the success of Canada’s cannabis legalization policy, we’ve developed a path and source of support within the legal marketplace.

Our Mission

» Help maintain BC’s top position as an international cannabis leader and innovator.

» Provide BC’s small and medium-sized producers and processors with a safe, accessible, and sustainable alternative to the illicit market.

» Provide medical and recreational cannabis consumers around the world with high-quality BC cannabis.

Our goals

» Adopt international co-op values and principles.

» Accelerate the participation of BC’s small-to-medium-sized producers in Canada’s legal marketplace, particularly in rural communities.

» Establish a retail network for small-to-medium-sized producers to ensure their products reach consumers in BC, across Canada, and around the world.

» Achieve sustainable economies of scale to ensure small-to-medium-sized producers can compete with large producers in the domestic and global marketplace.

» Address government supply needs and ensures a wide variety of product choices for consumers.

» Create a platform welcoming to small-to-medium-sized producers interested in the legal marketplace.

» Foster a culture of collective innovation that promotes equality, diversity, and corporate social responsibility.

The Co-op Model

A cooperative is a legally incorporated business, owned and operated by and for members. Co-ops are businesses based on established international values and principles.

We are proud to be members of the BC Co-op Association, an organization dedicated to building BC’s co-op economy.

British Columbia had one of the most vibrant co-op communities in Canada, with two million members, 700 businesses and close to $50 billion in total assets.

Nearly twice as many BC co-ops remain in operation after five years compared to other forms of enterprise.

Co-ops create jobs at nearly five times the rate of the overall economy and are more accountable than publicly traded corporations.

200 members & growing

We work with BC residents who are licensed or are in the process of being licensed by Health Canada. This includes micro-cultivators, nursery operators, processors, and independent retailers. The Co-op is also open to service providers and suppliers who serve the craft cannabis industry such as product and professional service suppliers.

To date, over 200 members from all categories have joined the positive movement to accelerate market access for BC micro-cultivators, processors, and independent retailers. Together, we’re going far.

Board of directors

To support the Co-op’s mission and governance, our highly skilled members are elected by the membership at large to represent the Board of Directors and oversee the activities of the Co-op.



Government Advocacy

Collaborate with all levels of government to achieve shared goals of public health, diversity, job creation, and to transition away from the illicit market toward industry sustainability.

shared purchasing

Pool the purchasing power of members and get the best price for essential services such as human resources, product testing, distribution, quality control, legal, accounting, financial services, insurance, and public affairs.

organize education & networking events

Facilitate industry conferences, networking opportunities, education and training, and maintain communication hubs to provide project updates and respond to challenges and opportunities within the regulatory processes.

Collaborate within the industry

Collaborate with existing co-ops, colleges and universities, business, innovation and community associations, and government agencies such as utility providers, economic development agencies, municipalities, Worksafe BC, emergency responders, and much more.

economic development & job creation plan

An economic development and job creation proposal we sent to federal and provincial governments to consider in response to the economic crisis created by the pandemic and to achieve the original goals of the Cannabis Act. Read the proposal here.

Our Partners

The co-op model is rooted in collaboration and community. We’re fortunate to partner with other action-focused, dynamic organizations.

Be part of a positive movement to accelerate the participation
of BC’s legendary craft cannabis sector in the legal market.

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