Each month we feature a selection of our Co-op Members and Supporters. They live the Co-op’s mission and demonstrate the innovate nature of the independent entrepreneurs that make up BC’s highly skilled craft cannabis sector.

In January of 2020, after 2 1/2 years of research and planning, Cory opened Mood Cannabis Co., the first of his two retail stores in Nanaimo. His second store, also in Nanaimo, opened its doors just a month later.

While early 2020 was an inauspicious start-up date for a new retail business, considering the pandemic, Cory feels fortunate that the BC provincial government deemed cannabis retailing an essential service.

With no possibility of serving out-of-province tourists, Mood Cannabis has already established a strong following within the local market. And that is what he’s most proud of, the knowledge that his customers – many of whom are now repeat customers – are trusting the guidance of his carefully chosen staff to find the products that will be most effective in establishing the mood they’re hoping to find.

Retailing cannabis is very personal; consumers have unique needs and desires which must be understood. And products have particular characteristics. Knowing your product and understanding your clients are the cornerstone and keystone of a successful, independent retailer. Expanding the product variety he can offer is vital if Mood Cannabis is to become the preferred store for people who can rely on Mood for products that suit them and hopefully, delight them – if that’s the mood they are seeking.

Currently, a challenge of working within today’s regulatory framework is access to the few licensed micro- producers in BC. Cory’s vision is to revive the promise of BC Bud – the special quality and storied reputation that BC cannabis growers have been justly famous for. He hopes that through his connection with the BC Craft Farmers Co-op he will be able to build relationships with the micro-growers who can help him fulfill that promise.

Cory also embraces the opportunity of working together with other retailers to advocate for policy changes. In addition to Mood’s outreach within his own community of Nanaimo, Cory is on the board of directors for the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers.

Mood Cannabis Co. is a group of legal retail cannabis stores located at 3923 Victoria Ave and #5 – 6404 Metral Dr in Nanaimo.