September 6, 2021

VANCOUVER – The BC Craft Farmers Co-op has initiated a province-wide safety awareness campaign for micro-class and medical cannabis farmers. The campaign will survey hundreds of farmers to identify ways to prevent workplace injuries in a sector that will employ thousands of additional British Columbians over the coming years.

“The grassroots feedback we receive from craft farmers, processors and nursery operators across B.C. will inform a multi-year safety strategy,” said Nicole Post, BCCFC President. “We are pleased to be collaborating with WorkSafe BC and Ag Safe BC on a project that will help prevent injuries, improve quality of life for people working in the sector, and complement good cannabis production practices.”

To mark the launch of the campaign, BCCFC is inviting craft farmers, processors and nurseries to have their say in a confidential online safety survey. Among other things, the short survey seeks to identify:

  • Current awareness of Safety Issues across the sector

  • The steps that producers and nurseries are taking now to prevent injuries

  • Safety gaps that a provincial strategy should prioritize and address

In October, BCCFC will launch a Safety Caravan across the province that will include networking opportunities, online webinars, and the establishment of a dedicated safety portal for the community that will include links to policy templates, best practices, and other workplace safety resources.

Consultation results will be released before the end of the year. These results will inform a three-year strategic workplace safety plan BCCFC will prepare for WorkSafe BC, provincial and federal governments to consider supporting.


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