April 20, 2021

(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, British Columbia) – The BC Craft Farmers Co-Op (BCCFC) today announced the establishment of a new Supporter Category to provide craft cannabis consumers with an opportunity to add their collective voices to the movement to transition B.C.’s legendary cannabis farmers to Canada’s legal marketplace.

In the first 30 months of legalization, less than 40 of B.C.’s thousands of craft farmers have received a Health Canada licence to cultivate cannabis for the new recreation marketplace.  As a result, consumers have been unable to access local products in legal retail stores. 

According to a January 2021 Statistics Canada report, BC has the lowest percentage of consumers purchasing cannabis exclusively from the legal market (16%).

“Into our third year of legalization, it is disappointing only a few of BC’s legendary farmers have been able to obtain a licence from Ottawa.  Adding the voice of consumers to our movement will unite the craft cannabis family, support BC’s economic recovery and provide our legendary farmers with the chance to reach their full potential,” said BCCFC President Bob Davidson.

By joining the BC Craft Cannabis Club, consumers and community supporters will support the Co-op’s mission to ensure local B.C. farmers are included in the legal market and their products get onto the shelf of cannabis stores across B.C. – and eventually around the world.

 The annual fee to join is $25 and can be purchased at www.bccraftcannabisclub.com. The Club is open to:

  • Canadian residents (19+)

  • Cannabis consumers who support BC craft farmers and want to purchase their products from the legal system

  • Non-cannabis consumers who support local job creation and economic development

The BC Craft Cannabis Club is being launched across the BCCFC’s online network in collaboration with BCCFC independent retail members and the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES)

ACCRES and BCCFC have also been collaborating to make direct sales from farmers to retailers the top policy priority for BC regulators. The program will help BC realize the potential of the regulated cannabis sector for the provincial economy. Both organizations have asked BC to implement the program this year instead of waiting until 2022 as currently proposed.


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