Nadine FurnelL: dIRECTOR, BC Craft Farmers co-op

Meet Nadine Furnell: A Cannabis Advocacy Trailblazer for Change

Position: Director, BC Craft Farmers Co-op; Membership & Women’s Committee; Licensed Medical Cannabis Farmer

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Nadine Furnell is a pivotal figure in the cannabis sector of British Columbia. As a Director of the BC Craft Farmers Co-op and leading the Membership and Women’s Committees, she is a champion of advocacy and innovation. Her background as a licensed medical cannabis farmer, combines personal experience with professional expertise, driving her commitment to community nurturing and industry advancement. Nadine’s path is marked by resilience and a deep-seated passion for facilitating holistic healing and sustainable growth within the cannabis field.

Journey to Holistic Healing & Cannabis Innovation

From overcoming personal health struggles to becoming a licensed medical cannabis producer in Northern BC, Nadine’s journey is a testament to her tenacity and belief in the healing powers of cannabis. At Mama Deen’s Kitchen, her dedication to medical cannabis research has led to the creation of high-dose edibles and swift-relief sugar-based remedies, underscored by a meticulous and research-driven development process. Her commitment extends beyond cultivation to ensuring quality, rigorous testing, and comprehensive consumer education.

Championing Advocacy, CollaboratioN & Leadership

As a key figure in the BC Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC), Nadine chairs both the Membership and the Women’s Committees. Her role extends to championing the interests of micro-cultivators, pushing for systemic changes that simplify procedures, lower expenses, and enhance market accessibility. Nadine is actively engaged with prominent organizations in the cannabis sector, such as the Canadian Cannabis Association, the Canadian Cannabis Tourism Alliance, and Canadian Women in Cannabis.

Her advocacy focuses on promoting financial equality and the implementation of standardized testing protocols, ensuring both patient safety and product dependability. Her commitment to advancing industry standards dovetails with efforts for regulatory reform. Recognizing the critical role of craft cannabis farmers, she advocates for systems that benefit all industry levels. Through initiatives like the BC Craft rating system, she aims to help establish a standard of excellence and fairness, contributing to an innovative and economically thriving cannabis sector.

A New Frontier: Cannabis in Opioid Harm Reduction

Building upon her diverse efforts in the cannabis sector, Nadine also pioneers in a critical and emerging area of public health: the use of cannabis in mitigating opioid addiction. She actively advocates for the use of medical cannabis as a harm reduction strategy in opioid addiction. Her work emphasizes cannabis as a safer, non-addictive alternative for pain management, marking a significant step in changing traditional approaches to addiction treatment.

Fostering Economic Development in the Cannabis Industry

Nadine envisions a thriving cannabis industry driven by empowerment and innovation. Advocating for a regulatory framework that supports industry growth, she also emphasizes maintaining rigorous quality standards. She sees the cannabis sector as instrumental in reviving local economic sustainability. Her strategy focuses on the potential of cannabis tourism, with BC poised to become a pioneering leader in this sector. Through the Co-op’s efforts, she aims to make BC a forerunner in canna-tourism, utilizing it as a tool for regional growth and innovation.

BC Cannabis Summit Prince George 4/20/24

Beyond her role as a Director of the BCCFC, Nadine is working on the summit activities in Prince George, creating platforms for advocacy, indigenous reconciliation, job creation, economic development, and community engagement. These summits provide key opportunities for dialogue with government officials and showcasing the economic and social benefits of the cannabis industry. Her efforts at the summit and beyond focus on creating a regulatory environment that uplifts craft cannabis producers and advances the industry.

Join the Movement: Shaping the Future of Cannabis

Nadine Furnell’s journey is an ongoing mission, working collaboratively to revolutionize the cannabis industry. Her dedication to advocacy and community engagement is shaping the future of cannabis in BC and beyond.

She invites you to join this transformative journey. Whether you’re a fellow advocate, a curious learner, or passionate about sustainable industry growth, your voice and involvement can contribute to meaningful change.

To actively participate in shaping a more inclusive, sustainable, and thriving cannabis industry, connect with Nadine at