In a recent letter, BCCFC President Tara Kirkpatrick reminds BC’s Minister of Finance that the province is at risk of losing its hard-earned international reputation as a cannabis leader if Ottawa continues to leave craft farmers out. Less than 1% of all legal cannabis production approved by Health Canada has been awarded to craft farmers, and barely 100 BC craft farmers have made the transition. BCCFC has proposed some constructive solutions for the Minister to consider:
    • Emergency Assistance: craft farmers and processors should receive the same recovery benefits as other agricultural sectors impacted by wildfires and evacuation orders.
    • Farm Status: craft farmers, processors, and nurseries should receive Farm Status.
    • Excise Tax Collection: return some of these funds to struggling BC cannabis businesses while the province waits for Ottawa to make a decision about the tax.
    • Unfair Direct Delivery and Farm Gate Fees: eliminate the 15% non-handling fee and the $7,500 farm gate application fee.