Co-op Supporter, KS Perry Publishing in Kaslo, is developing a directory for BC’s cannabis industry. Karma Halleran and her team have 34+ years of publishing experience and hope that BC Buzz will become the new hub, bringing together retailers, wholesalers, producers, growers, educators and consumers in one place.
The publication is a tip-of-the-hat in memory of Karma’s father, Sam Perry. He was one of the producers and the main backer of the first and only Trips Festival held in Vancouver in 1966. Life was tragically short for Sam, but his creativity was imprinted and inspired those he left behind.
The quality pocketbook publication will be 5×8” and available online and published twice per year. The first version will launch this April, and the second in October. There will be a minimum of 26,000 copies on the market distributed from retailers, advertisers, and magazine stands. Retailers will order their supply at the time of booking ad space at a cost of $2 per unit; MSRP is $4.
Click the button below to see a digital sample. See page 16 for pricing. The password to view the sample is: FiAWR6BY. The deadline to book space is February 24. Reserve your space by contacting Karma at the button below.