2024 BC Craft Cannabis Summit
Joint Policy Resolution
Prince George, BC
April 21, 2024


  • The 2024 BC Craft Cannabis Summit in Prince George addressed many challenges and opportunities facing BC’s cannabis sector.
  • A series of common issues and potential solutions emerged during the three-day Summit.

Be it Resolved:

The BC Craft Farmers Co-Op, Summit attendees and community partners will pursue the following agenda over the coming year in response to feedback received:

  • Actively follow up federal Expert Panel review with federal Minister of Health, particularly related to medical access and provincial enforcement, red-tape reduction, micro cultivation and processing regulations.
  • Renew commitment to explore partnerships with BC Indigenous organizations and First Nation leaders.
  • Address BC retail unfairness where the provincial government is competing with independent stores, call for an Independent Review of the provincial government’s cannabis policies and immediate measures to reduce multiple administrative burdens.
  • Engage Destination BC and BC government on cannabis branding and tourism campaign focused on promoting ‘Place and People’ and establishment of a BC Cannabis Trail – based on the BC Ale Trail.
  • Collaborate with Community Savings Credit Union, Community Futures, Jobs BC and other agencies to seek access to capital/funding opportunities for members and agriculture programs to help sustain farmers/processors transitioning to the legal market.
  • Establish Direct Delivery Supply Chain Working Group to develop alternative to provincial distribution system.
  • Integrate consumer voices in advocacy and continue collaboration with other BC craft cannabis associations.