Last week, in response to new public health orders, we distributed a rapid survey to members and supporters to receive your feedback on the opportunity to host a special BC Craft Cannabis Conference and Trade Show this fall. After being locked down for 18 months, many members have suggested the need to create a critical mass event that would allow our emerging sector to show its strength.

We are thankful for the significant response received in such a short period of time and are pleased to share a summary of the 75 responses. Based on this feedback, the BCCFC Board will establish a Conference Planning Committee this week. If you are a member or supporter and have experience organizing large events, let us know by clicking the button below to send an email.

  1. BCCFC is considering plans to organize a special BC Craft Cannabis Conference and Trade Show this fall where members, supporters and sector stakeholders can gather to celebrate our shared passion and respect for the plant.  Do you think this is a good idea?

    Yes – 89%

    No – 11%

  2. If yes, when do you think we should plan to safely host this BC Craft Cannabis Conference (select one)?

    October (59%)

    November (35%)

    December (6%)

  3. How many people should we plan to include in a Conference (select one)?

    50 – limited number of invited guests (3%)

    100 – Members only (3%)

    200 – Members, supporters and invited guests (35%)

    200+ – Members, supporters, invited guests, consumers, community stakeholders, the general public (59%)

  4. How long should a conference be (select one)?

    Half Day (1%)

    One Day (41%)

    Two Days (58%)

  5. Thinking of the event agenda, what should be priorities (select all that apply)?

    Networking Opportunities – 83%

    Trade Show – 80%

    Expert panels – 74%

    Celebration/Party – 68%

    Policy discussions – 68%

    Public education and awareness – 58%

    Government presentations – 44%

    Job Fair for public – 29%

  6. Would you consider attending?

    Yes – 98%

    No – 2%