Founded in early 2022, TRYGG Collective originated with the idea of creating unique packaging and processing options for Canada’s craft cannabis growers, rather than needing to rely on a handful of larger LPs.

TRYGG Collective offers co-packing services that protect the integrity of craft cannabis products, with no hidden fees or services. From the first point of contact, the co-packer’s services can include assessment, analytical testing, packaging and distribution. TRYGG currently provides packing and filling for whole flower and pre-rolls and proudly partners with cultivators to bring exceptional brands and craft cannabis products to the market. 

Every TRYGG pre-roll is machine spun and evenly packed to ensure a clean, consistent burn, while their straight-roll pre-rolls maintain the natural look and feel of a hand roll. 

Their team’s hard-earned expertise in the cannabis, pharmaceutical and CPG industries comes from a combined 50 years of knowledge and partnerships that are ready to support Co-op Members in sales, marketing, distribution, supply chain logistics, or with their extensive regulatory experience. 

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