Each month we feature a selection of our Co-op Members and Supporters. They live the Co-op’s mission and demonstrate the innovate nature of the independent entrepreneurs that make up BC’s highly skilled craft cannabis sector.

Sami is an Argentinian-Canadian who moved with her family to Canada when she was 8. She kept returning to Argentina over the years and is currently based on its Atlantic coast (in light of COVID-19), but maintains close ties with BC and increasingly, with individuals and “community pods” around the world. The BC Craft Farmers Co-op is one of the pods on her vine and an important way for her stay on the pulse of BC Cannabis development.

The term Community Curator was bestowed upon her by an insightful friend. It perfectly describes what drives her: to build bridges between people and communities in such a way as to unleash a creative force that is more than the sum of its parts.

Recovering from three concussions and other incidents of violence to her body introduced her to conventional pain management, its ineffectiveness in her case, and its many negative side-effects. Brain and spinal injuries have a fundamental impact not just to the body, but to one’s identity and humanity. But she is a solution-oriented person and was ready to step outside of the box.

Research led her to the healing qualities of cannabis and psilocybin and motivates her dedication to continuing research and product development. For knowledge to progress, international cooperation is necessary, and that’s where Sami finds her stride.

Sami is a trained level 1 Cannabis Sommelier certified by CannaReps. As she develops a deep knowledge of products, and determines new ways to pair them with people and environments, she relies on a personal formula, represented by a triangle: Health, Education, Research.

THeCo. is a crucible that melds Sami’s former career as a Human Resource Professional, her ongoing research into plant medicines, and her desire to educate communities. THeCo. partners with organizers of expos and conferences, and organizes boutique workshops (a recent workshop presented by THeCo. in Vancouver was “Mental Health for Cannabis Entrepreneurs”). Through THeCo., Sami offers turnkey People + Culture solutions to entrepreneurs in the cannabis and hemp industries, always respecting the craft grower legacy (although a little automation may be just what’s needed). The best time to check out what  THeCo. can offer is right at start-up and as your business starts to grow staff –  when your business’s culture is still fluid, your connections are scarce and you’re figuring out how to navigate the ambiguity that is Canada’s current regulatory system.

Sami is proud of the fact that she has made her business self-sustaining for three years now, has defined for herself and her business a clear purpose, and is continually building relationships. Her vision is a global coalition that will serve to promote the benefits and viability of cannabis, hemp and medicinal plants.

Website: sami@theco.space

LinkedIn: @SalloSami

Instagram: @THeCo.Social