Our 2021 Member and Supporter Survey identified advocacy as one of the most important activities of the BC Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC). Below is a brief update on outreach activities with the Province of British Columbia.

Direct Sales, Farm-Gate and Economic Development

B.C.’s proposed direct sales, farm-gate and on-site consumption policies have been identified by BCCFC members as top advocacy priorities. In response, BCCFC has been actively engaged with provincial officials to inform, advance, and accelerate these policies over the past year.

We remain concerned that three years into cannabis legalization, thousands of B.C.’s legendary craft farmers are still being excluded from the post-prohibition market. More than any other province, B.C. is paying a price for this policy failure.

We are also concerned that the 60-70 dedicated B.C. craft farmers that have made it through the licensing process over the past three years continue to struggle. Too often, this is due to unintended consequences flowing from policies of the various B.C. agencies responsible for the file.

The stalled roll out of direct sales, farm gate and consumption policies are good examples.  These policies were announced a year ago. There are no results 14 months later – just missed opportunities to increase retail sales, combat the illicit market and create thousands of jobs across the province.

Read our recent letter sent to the Ministers responsible for the cannabis sector and B.C. economic development HERE. We will be following up with this letter once the current flooding crisis subsides.

Watch for more updates over the coming weeks. If you would like to become more involved in BCCFC’s advocacy activities, contact us at assistantsecretary@bccraftfarmerscoop.com.

Emergency Response

In light of the current State of Emergency in British Columbia, BCCFC has established an Emergency Response Team to assist members impacted by the recent weather and flooding. If you need assistance, contact us at assistantsecretary@bccraftfarmerscoop.com.

BCCFC representatives are in touch with provincial agencies and local elected officials and are prepared to assist our members as needed.