The BC Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC) today welcomes the formal establishment of the Canadian Cannabis Tourism Alliance (CCTA) as good news for the British Columbia economy, craft cannabis farmers, processors and independent retailers. BCCFC is a founding member of the new national tourism alliance, which hosted its founding meeting last week.     
“British Columbia stands to gain more than any other region of the country if the CCTA is successful in making Canada the premier cannabis tourism destination in the world,” said BCCFC Secretary David Hurford. “As the first and only G7 country to legalize the multi-billion cannabis industry, Canada is well positioned to be the world’s primary cannabis tourism destination.”
The CCTA is a non-profit organization comprised of experienced professionals from a diverse range of businesses and associations, with an interest in cannabis tourism and a desire to support Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery in both rural and urban spaces. CCTA activities are focused on education, partnership development, public affairs, and facilitating business development and job growth opportunities for members.
“With our governance framework established, our national alliance is inviting cannabis sector leaders and cannabis stakeholders of all sizes and regions to join our movement,” said CCTA President Susan Dupej. “Canada’s reputation as a safe agri-tourism destination that incorporates vineyards and craft breweries offers the same value-added benefits for cannabis.”
Click HERE to read the original press release and learn more about the CCTA.


One reason BC stands to gain so much from Canada being the world’s primary cannabis tourism destination is that we have globally-recognized craft farmers! One way to achieve our full cannabis tourism potential is to build the capacity of BC’s licensed craft farmers through an efficient and effective farm-gate program that includes on-site consumption options – just like wineries and craft breweries.

Last month, the provincial government released their farm-gate policy which is proposed to come into effect later this month. Among other things, this will enable consumers to visit a local cannabis farm or farmers market and purchase fresh products. In some cases, consumers would be able to sample products  – just like orchards and breweries.

In response to the BC policy release and in advance of our engagement with the BC government, BCCFC members and supporters are invited to participate in a special meeting on Monday, November 21 at 11:00 a.m. to discuss BC’s plan, how it can be improved, and ways the BCCFC can support members interested in pursuing an application.

Monday’s meeting will include an update on BCCFC’s work to help craft farmers, processors and retailers fully access BC’s new direct cannabis sales program. In response to feedback from members, BCCFC has been collaborating with the Retail Cannabis Council of BC and the Weed Pool Cannabis Cooperative on a plan that can address emerging challenges.

BCCFC will email members this weekend with a confidential Zoom link for Monday’s meeting.