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Uniting BC’s Craft Cannabis Through Collaboration and Innovation

Karen D. Stevan is a pioneer in the BC craft cannabis scene. A lawyer by profession and the President of CannabisCountdown, Karen has been instrumental in bringing to market the BC Craft Road Trip 5-Star Sampler. This innovative variety pack offers a unique way of promoting BC’s legendary craft cannabis, overcoming distribution challenges, and highlighting the quality of local micro cultivators.

The Journey Begins

In 2017, Karen ventured into the cannabis industry with a vision to market BC’s craft cannabis differently. Her company, CannabisCountdown, aimed to create sample packs that would showcase the best of BC craft cannabis. After years of effort, CannabisCountdown launched BC Craft Road Trip 5-Star Sampler was launched, embodying the spirit of collaboration among five craft growers.

Overcoming Hurdles

The path to launching the Road Trip variety pack was fraught with challenges, from navigating regulatory mazes, convincing retailers to support a Direct Delivery model and finally entering the Central Delivery system and its expanded marketplace. Karen’s persistence paid off, culminating in a product that not only showcases BC’s finest strains but also champions the work of small craft farmers.

Collaboration at Its Core

Selecting the five craft growers for the BC Craft Road Trip sampler was a testament to Karen’s dedication to community and quality. Each strain in the pack represents a different BC craft farm and geographical area, highlighting the diversity and excellence of cannabis in this Province. Karen worked closely with Papa Joe’s Organics and other collaborators, ensuring that sustainability and quality were at the forefront of production and marketing.

Unique Selling Points

  • Five of the Best Strains: A curated selection from BC, showcasing the province’s top-quality cannabis.
  • Sustainable Practices: Highlighting pesticide-free and sustainable cultivation methods.
  • Engaging Marketing: Leveraging social media, podcasts, and collaborations to reach a wider audience and promote BC craft cannabis.

The BC Craft Road Trip Experience

For consumers, the BC Craft Road Trip variety pack offers an unparalleled journey through the flavours and stories of BC’s craft cannabis farms. It’s an invitation to explore the craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovation that define BC’s cannabis industry.

Looking Ahead

Karen’s vision extends beyond the current success of the BC Craft Road Trip pack. Plans for future collaborations and expansions are in the works, as new strains and more growers are introduced into the fold. Up next is the BC Craft Road Trip 5-Joint Journey, which will showcase five exceptional craft sativa strains and the farms and farmers that grow them. Her efforts aim to shape the future of the craft cannabis market in BC and beyond, advocating for quality, collaboration, and community.

Engaging the Community

Retailers and consumers interested in the BC Craft Road Trip 5-Star Sampler and 5-Joint Journey variety packs can look forward to products that not only offer a distinct cannabis experience but also support local craft growers. Karen’s work emphasizes the importance of promoting BC craft cannabis, ensuring that these growers have the opportunity to shine in the marketplace.

Personal Reflections

For Karen, the journey with CannabisCountdown and the BC Craft Farmers Co-op has been an enriching experience, deepening her understanding of cannabis and strengthening her connection with the community. Her passion for the industry and commitment to collaboration are evident in every aspect of her work, inspiring others to engage and collaborate.

Get Involved

To learn more about the BC Craft Road Trip variety packs and explore collaboration opportunities, reach out to Karen at karenstevan@gmail.com. Join her in promoting BC’s legendary craft cannabis through this engaging product and fostering a supportive community of growers and producers.


Karen Stevan’s commitment to BC’s craft cannabis industry has made her a key figure in promoting innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. Through the BC Craft Road Trip variety packs, CannabisCountdown not only showcases the best of BC but also paves the way for a brighter, more connected future for the province’s cannabis producers.