Dear Members and Supporters,

On behalf of my colleagues on the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op Board, we extend our warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. We hope your stocking is stuffed with the finest BC Craft Cannabis – a perfect gift for the cannabis-lover in your life!

We Appreciate Your Support: In the face of challenges posed by the legal cannabis market, your dedication and positive impact play a crucial role in sustaining a vibrant cannabis culture. We’re deeply grateful for your unwavering commitment. Let’s reflect on our shared accomplishments:

  • Advocacy for Craft Cannabis Farmers: We’ve been tirelessly working towards a fair transition into the legal market for BC’s legendary craft cannabis farmers.
  • Policy Improvements: Our volunteers relentlessly advocate for changes to the federal Cannabis Act and improvements to BC’s farm gate and direct sales policies.
  • Community and Indigenous Engagement: We’ve strengthened our ties with Indigenous cannabis communities and increased collaboration with various associations.
  • Tourism and Visibility: We’ve been developing a BC cannabis tourism strategy that can attract tens-of-thousands of visitors to our province.

2023: A Year of Resilience and Impact: In a year marked by challenges, especially those faced by farmers struggling with the aftermath of wildfires:

  • Advocacy: We ensured that the BC government remained attentive to the needs of farmers impacted by these wildfires. And we stood against the restrictive cannabis production regulations set by Metro Vancouver.
  • Media Engagement: Our message spread far and wide, thanks to our active participation in dozens of media interviews.
  • BC Cannabis Summit: Our second successive summit was a solid success, selling out completely and attracting 400-500 delegates and leaders! This event underscored our commitment to addressing critical industry challenges and celebrating the leaders who are driving progress in BC and across Canada.

2024: Celebrating Our Fifth Year: As we near our fifth-year milestone serving BC’s craft cannabis farmers, processors, and retailers, the BCCFC’s hard-working members and dedicated supporters embrace this moment to refresh our mission and strengthen our community ties. To engage more deeply in this renewal and our positive movement for change:

  • Join the Movement: Contact us directly at
  • Spread the Word: Know a leader in the cannabis or community sector who might be interested in joining this movement, encourage them to contact us here.

Together, we’ll continue to champion for our members, connecting leaders across the sector. Our goal remains steadfast: a sustainable post-prohibition market, maintaining BC’s global brand, and ensuring consumers and patients have access to high-quality, legal BC craft cannabis. We are pushing even more for world recognition of BC’s Cannabis brand. Be on the look out for new the initiatives and engagement by our board members in the near future and coming year.

Warm regards,
Tara Kirkpatrick, President
BC Craft Farmers Co-Op