To facilitate more effective services for Members, the BC Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC) is establishing a roster of qualified cannabis processors and analytical testing labs who want to help BC micro-class cannabis production and nursery licence holders and pending applicants achieve their full potential in the legal marketplace.

BCCFC is inviting reputable processors and testing labs in BC and Western Canada to join this roster by describing how they provide timely, affordable and quality service to micro-class and nursery licence holders in BC.

Questions and submissions can be directed to All submissions are confidential.


BCCFC was established in 2020 by BC’s craft cannabis farmers, processors and retailers to facilitate a successful transition to the legal marketplace, maintain BC’s globally-recognized brand and ensure consumers have legal access to the best cannabis in the world.

While Canada’s Cannabis Act is under review, it continues to present many barriers that disadvantage BC’s craft cannabis farmers that have proven to be very costly and frustrating to the sector’s growth. One challenge that has been identified by BCCFC members is the availability of accessible, affordable and responsive processing and analytical testing services.

BCCFC knows there are many professional cannabis processors and laboratories interested in helping BC’s craft cannabis farmers achieve their full potential and getting their products to consumers seeking fresh BC cannabis from their favourite independent, legal retail stores.

That is why, in response to feedback from members, BCCFC is establishing a roster of BC processors and analytical testing labs eager to provide services to successful and pending BC micro-class and nursery applicants.


In December 2021, BCCFC established an exclusive Concierge for Members to help them navigate the regulatory maze created by the Cannabis Act. Among other things, the service responded to concerns from Members about predatory practices of some cannabis consultants.

In association with the launch of the Concierge, BCCFC announced the creation of a roster of qualified and pre-approved consultants for Members to select from. These professionals went through a comprehensive screening process and now assisting Members at reduced rates.

In addition to rosters of qualified cannabis consultants, processing and testing labs, the BCCFC Concierge will be expanded to include farm-gate, financial, insurance and bulk purchasing services this spring.

Draft Services and Qualifications

If you are based in BC or western Canada, and your company is interested in providing processing or analytical testing services to BC craft farmers, please prepare a confidential proposal that captures the following qualifications and service requests:


  • BC Craft Farmers Co-op Member/Supporter or applicant;
  • BC-based Health Canada licenced processor or analytical testing lab or pending applicant;
  • Experience working with micro-cultivators, licensed producers, processors and nurseries;
  • Respect for Indigenous culture and the importance of Reconciliation;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of all Health Canada regulations relevant to micro-cultivation, processing, sales, marketing and nursery operations;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of all relevant provincial government regulations and requirements related to processing, labelling, sales and distribution;
  • Demonstrated experience and understanding of other challenges facing BC craft farmers, processors and nurseries regarding access to finance and insurance services, municipal by-law compliance and various provincial regulations;
  • BC Craft Farmers Co-op Member/Supporter or applicant;
  • Relevant certification, accreditation and training credentials; and
  • Outline/overview of the quality management system and quality manual.


Draft Next Steps

  • Interested processors and analytical testing labs in BC and Western Canada are invited to submit, in confidence:
    • A one-page cover letter that describes your interest in working with BC’s craft farmers, including contact information.
    • A two-to-three page overview that captures how they meet the requested qualifications will provide the services identified.
  • Price ranges, service standards, references and BCCFC membership are strongly encouraged. Brochures and other marketing material may also be included.
  • The first round deadline for responses is April 20, 2022.
  • Questions and submissions can be sent to
  • All submissions will be responded to within 30 days to arrange follow-up interviews.
  • BCCFC will establish a committee of experienced members and supporters to confidentially review responses, interview contacts and make suggestions.


This request is not intended to be a binding offer to contract, tender or otherwise subject to the laws applicable to competitive bidding and does not create a contractual obligation between BCCFC and any proponent.

By issuing this Help Wanted request and accepting proposals for evaluation, BCCFC does not intend to create a contractual relationship (either expressed or implied) or any legal duties or obligations with any vendor or any other company.