Volcanimax Gro powder is extracted straight from the crater of a volcano that erupted some 200,000 years ago deep under the ice cap in the Central Coast mountains of British Columbia. While other volcanic rock amendments come from rock quarries or eroded volcanic rock, Volcanimax Gro is the purest volcanic rock dust on the market with mineral concentrations up to 20 times higher than competitors. 

Over the past six years, Gene Drader and his team have conducted trials with scientists at various universities. Results of the cannabis trial found that Volcanimax yielded an average dry-weight biomass increase of 36.9% above the control grow medium. Cannabis plants grew as high as 15 feet tall in an outdoor greenhouse.

Floral flowers achieved a 68% biomass increase. Lettuce, because of its growth rate, had significantly good results in the trial. Homegrown tomatoes looked like small pumpkins, having reached over two pounds per tomato. Radishes appeared as if they were on steroids both with an exceptional taste enhanced over the control mix.

Volcanimix’s plant and soil enhancement volcanic powder is OMRI listed as being certified for Organic use and is 100% eco-friendly. Learn more at www.volcanimax.com.

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