Further to previous messages, we are pleased to provide a progress report on the official launch of the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op this month and the BC pilot project we have developed for the federal and provincial governments to consider as part of their response to the economic fall-out from the COVID 19 crisis.

In our last update, we circulated an overview of an economic development and job creation proposal we were preparing for federal and provincial governments.  The goal was to achieve the original objectives of the Cannabis Act and support the province’s economic recovery post COVID 19.

We are pleased to report that our pilot project was submitted to the Prime Minister and BC Premier last week.  Click here for a link to the Executive Summary. 

The proposal has also been shared with all BC MPs, MLAs, relevant Ministries, BC business and municipal associations. In addition to the regulatory innovations being proposed for Health Canada, we are asking these community leaders to support a two-year economic development and job creation partnership that includes all levels of government, Indigenous communities and BC’s legendary craft cannabis sector.

We welcome your feedback at info@bccraftfarmerscoop.com and look forward to keeping you posted on our progress over the coming weeks.

In our last progress report, we announced the date of our founding general meeting (August 29, 2020).  With this, we also confirmed the July 29, 2020 deadline for Board nominations and membership eligibility. 

We are pleased to report plans to open our online Membership Application Portal by Saturday, June 20.

This will be an opportunity to join this movement to include BC’s craft cannabis farmers in the legal market and sustain their success for generations to come. For more information on Co-Op Membership, click here.