Defining BC Craft Cannabis

Discover the latest developments in the quest to define craft cannabis. There has been a somewhat ironic turn, with the provincial government opting to consult a Toronto-based accounting firm to help come up with a definition.

Also, discover how you can snag early bird discounts to the 2024 BC CRAFT FARMERS CANNABIS SUMMIT and take advantage of sales for non-members, explore partnership opportunities, and access exclusive attendee discounts. Keep reading for the details.

The Definition of Craft?

For a few years, BCCFC has been calling on the provincial government to co-develop a BC craft cannabis brand to promote our world-leading craft cannabis. Our most recent request followed feedback received at the 2023 BC Cannabis Summit in Kelowna.

After ignoring our suggestions for a few years, BC has decided to hire a Toronto-based accounting firm to help them define craft cannabis.


BCCFC will publish a formal response to the survey over the coming week and this will be a key topic at our BC Craft Farmers Cannabis Summit this April 20 weekend in Prince George.

In the meantime, BCCFC President Tara Kirkpatrick released the following response to the Deloitte survey:

“Deloitte’s corporate survey makes the mistake of asking respondents to define ‘craft cannabis’ instead of defining ‘British Columbia Craft Cannabis’. It’s unfortunate that the provincial government appears to be asking the wrong question. Have they missed the point of what has made ‘BC Bud’ a great international brand for generations? If not more than the plant, our province’s cannabis culture is unique in the world because of the people growing the cannabis and the place it is grown. Let’s start with protecting and celebrating our global brand, local and Indigenous farmers. Let’s start with defining BC craft cannabis instead.”


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