Last year, in response to feedback from Members and Supporters, BCCFC established a special task force to address the lack of available insurance and financial services. While we have a lot of work to do, some progress has been made. 
Today, we’re pleased to announce that BCCFC is partnering with Community Savings Credit Union, a pro-cannabis business financial institution, to provide banking services for Co-op Members, starting with licensed hemp and cannabis farmers.
BCCFC will work with Community Savings and the BC government to further reduce fees and expand the program’s scope to include extractors, late-stage applicants and medical licence holders. Watch for updates over the coming months. 
“Community Savings currently provides banking services to 78 BC cannabis retailers,” said BCCFC President Tara Kirkpatrick.  “With their decision to extend banking services to licensed BC craft cannabis farmers, Community Savings is recognizing the job creation and economic development potential of BC’s globally-celebrated craft cannabis farmers.”

This is why Community Savings created the 18/6 Bank Account for licensed BC retailers and farmers. The 18/6 Account features:
  • $200 monthly fee
  • Refundable $150 application fee (after 6 months)
  • Line of Credit available O.A.C (starting this fall)
  • Business VISA available O.A.C
  • Bank anywhere in BC

For more information and program details, contact BCCFC Concierge by clicking the button below.