Our regular networking session for Members and Supporters is being taken over by a B.C. Election Forum this evening, co-hosted with the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers. Thanks to everyone who RSVP’d so far.

The three major B.C. Parties are participating. Participating candidates include Brittny Anderson of the BC NDP (Nelson-Creston) and Scott Bernstein of the BC Greens (Vancouver-Kingsway). We are awaiting confirmation from the BC Liberal Party.
This is a forum, not a debate. Candidates will be invited to provide a one-minute opening introduction. From there, our Panel will ask 8 questions in 4 categories:

  • B.C.’s Cannabis & Retail Distribution System

  • Indigenous Participation

  • Growing B.C.’s Craft Cannabis Sector

  • Medical Access

Questions will be limited to 30 seconds each, and answers will be limited to 60 seconds. Questions and answers in the Indigenous Participation section will be up to 90 seconds each.

There are still limited spaces left in the Co-op Zoom room. Members and Supporters can RSVP by emailing us at info@bccraftfarmerscoop.com.