Warm Greetings!

We hope you are having a good week, enjoying the sunshine, and staying safe.

As we eagerly anticipate the 2024 BC Craft Cannabis Summit in Prince George, happening April 19-21, we’re thrilled to share some exciting developments.

Behind the scenes, there’s a buzz of activity as we finalize the arrangements for the summit. In light of this, we’re reaching out to keep you informed about our progress and to extend an offer to assist those within our community who have been negatively impacted by the deep-freeze winter conditions earlier this year.


The official Website for the 2024 BC Cannabis Summit is now live! Click the button link above to access the Summit Website for registration details, agenda information, and the latest Summit news.

Don’t just bookmark the Website for Summit updates; use it as your gateway to exploring the vibrant city of Prince George. Discover a host of cool activities and hidden gems in the area.

For instance, did you know that Prince George is less than an hour away from Stoner, BC? It’s the perfect spot for a memorable 4/20 celebration in 2024. Join us to combine cannabis culture with exploration and fun!

Planning Committee Updates

Our planning committee has been meeting with the City of Prince George as we work to establish downtown cannabis consumption spaces. Stay tuned for more info.

A big thank you to the city for their patience and goodwill. This is the same municipality that dramatically cut cannabis retail business fees earlier this year, a win for us all.


Secure your participation by RSVP to info@bccraftfarmerscoop.com.

Rate Categories
There are two rate categories for the three-day 2024 BC Craft Farmers Cannabis Summit:

  • For BC Craft Farmers Co-Op Members and Independent Cannabis Retailers:
    Three-Day Pass: $94.20 plus tax
  • For Non-BCCFC Members and the General Public (Adults Only):
    Three-Day Pass: $144.20 plus tax

All passes include:

  • Unlimited access to all panels and presentations.
  • Entry to the Trade Show, showcasing the latest in cannabis innovation.
  • Invitation to exclusive networking events, connecting you with industry leaders.
  • Post-event access to recordings of panels and presentations.

Showcase Opportunities:
BCCFC has a limited number of booth and display space available for cannabis sector supporters.  Like admission and Summit partnerships, BCCFC members and independent retailers receive reduced rates for booths and displays.

For booth inquiries, rates, and availability, contact our planning committee at info@bccraftfarmerscoop.com. Each booth package comes with two Summit VIP passes.


In addition to falling on the 4/20/2024 weekend, this year’s BC Craft Cannabis Summit is especially timely, taking place just days after this year’s federal budget release in Ottawa.

What will the finance minister do in response to this damning report on the state of affairs in Canada’s cannabis industry?

Based on these reports, it looks like provincial government monopolies are the only ones doing well. This particularly resonates in BC where the provincial government appears to be hoarding millions in excise tax revenue at the expense of BC cannabis farmers.

Day two of this year’s cannabis summit will assess the impacts of the federal budget and dig deeper into some of the inherent unfairness associated with the government’s cannabis monopoly.

We hope you can join us for this critical discussion!


Have you, or someone you know, had their cannabis crop impacted by the deep-freeze this winter?

If so, we want to connect with you. Your experiences are incredibly important to us, and they help strengthen our advocacy efforts for the cannabis farming community.

Following last summer’s awful wildfires that were breaking out across the province, BC Craft Farmers Co-Op called on the provincial and federal governments to make sure cannabis farmers impacted by the fires, smoke and evacuation received the same support as other agriculture producers impacted by the disaster.

Now BCCFC is once again calling on support for our farmers after this winter’s deep-freeze.

While temperatures were dropping to record lows across the province, we heard from members at risk of losing their crops – or knowing someone who had.

Over the past week, the BC government has announced a $70 million relief package for wineries and other agriculture producers impacted by the winter-freeze. We welcome this announcement, but fear cannabis farmers may be left out again.

If you, or anyone you know, experienced cannabis crop loss due to record cold temperatures earlier this year, let’s ensure your voice is heard.