The BC Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC) has asked the provincial government to produce a coordinated made-in-BC cannabis tourism strategy in collaboration with our members, Indigenous agencies and other sector partners.  Click the button below to read the letter from our BCCFC President to the Tourism Minister today.

With the universal support expressed by delegates at our April 2023 BC Cannabis Summit for this opportunity, BCCFC is proposing the province establish an inclusive BC Cannabis Tourism Partnership to help implement a series of pilot projects with sector leaders to create:

  • Temporary consumption licensing for host venues/events in partnership with 5-10 municipalities and Indigenous governments.
  • A high-profile international 4/20/2024 destination event and summit(s) – similar in scale to the annual Vancouver and BC Pride weekend celebrations.
  • A made-in-BC marketing campaign, with destination/tour examples and BC craft cannabis brand.
  • A multi-lingual directory of facilities/destinations/rules in collaboration with regional tourism agencies and other sector associations.
  • Introduce on-site sampling with BC farm gate policy.

As part of a co-ordinated made-in-BC cannabis tourism policy, BCCFC is encouraging the government to:

  • Immediately reduce the financial barrier to entry by lowering the non-refundable $7,500 Production Retail License application fee to reflect fees in other agricultural sectors.

  • Eliminate duplicate security clearance processes and fees.

  • Apply special event rules for alcohol to license cannabis consumption spaces as soon as possible.

  • Establish vendor permits to allow licensed cannabis producers to sell their products at local farmers’ markets.

  • Allow topicals to be used at spas and health/wellness facilities.